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Does anyone read this thing anymore?

Time is running out!

The are only a few hours left on my auctions. Bid while you still can!


Buy My Movies!

I was inspired by msmcfeeley and her DVD clean out, so I decided to do the same. There are some that are even brand new and each one would make a lovely Christmas gift for the people on your lists....



By the Way...

This journal is Friends only. I have older entries I haven't made private yet, but all of my latest are friends only. Comment to be added!

boring post

Nothing new to report.

I got the necklace in the mail today from melancholyeyes that I bought from her "Please help me pay for Oliver's vet bills" auction. Lucy is even wearing it and I have taken photos, but I can not find the cord that connects my digital camera to my computer. Le sigh.

The condo association's gardeners are here so I am in the middle of Barkfest August 2006. Double Le Sigh.

Save Oliver!


Click up there. You know you want to.

melancholyeyes has a very adorable and very sick dachshund named Oliver. Proceeds of all the sales for these auctions will go to pay for Oliver's $7,000 (not an exagerration) in vet bills.

The Championship Game

Apparently there are a whole seperate set of rules if you are on the Texas team. Having your knee down completely on the ground doesn't seem to make you down by contact.
Eat your penny pinching heart out Brandon, I am getting MARRIED!!!

I'm back

Good cold morning everyone.

I was going to delete my journal, but I decided to just impose a time limit on myself to prevent spending my whole morning on the computer.

My new job is going very well. I get paid on a teacher's contract which means that even though I am not working this week or next, I still get paid! WHOOT!

My brother that is in the Air Force came home two days early to everyone's delight and suprise. He is using my dad's surburban while he is here... $120 in gas two tanks later. He does say that at least "petrol" is cheaper than it is in England.

Last night I went Christmas light looking with my Dad, brothers (Bryan & Robert), Travis, and the puppies. It was a lot of fun. The south Torrance (Rancho Seaside) neighborhood we have been going to for a few years is usually excellent, but this year there has been a lot of upgrading construction and hence, there are not nearly as many houses with lights. Funnily enough however, one holiday spirit filled construction sight does have a sense of humor; they have strung Christmas lights around the construction fence and garnished the port a potty with garland and lights. Nothing says holiday spirit like a bedecked port a potty!

I finished my Christmas shopping! Now I get to help everyone else finish their's and wrap for them too. Let's hope this year my Dad remembers to remove the price tags!
There was ICE on my car when I left for work this morning.

I live in Southern California for God's sake. We are not suppossed to have snow!